dog teeth.

gonna probably cry over peter and letha for like 12 years now because of this oNE SINGLE GIF THAT I SAW

[x] [x]


oh my god


oh my god

Danger Zone

Cherlene & Kenny Loggins

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highway to the danger zone…

Jeremy Kyle Is A Marked Man


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Jeremy Kyle is a Marked Man - Blakfish


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I don’t know what a jashin is but I was bored and it was 5 in the morning so I recorded myself trying to read this without laughing:

that was a really interesting movie wow

my god i am so intrigued by this topic /sighs/

""The gun may be the perfect weapon," he said
Standing between a rock and a hard place
“But a gun is nothing without a bullet,” I replied
I am my own bullet.
I live my life perfectly.
A parabolic arch of meaning, purpose
And then there was that time when you stepped on a landmine
And I never forgave you
And you could feel the entire rise and fall of the Third Reich
at your feet.
Its a wasted life."
– Cal Gabriel, Zero Day.

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